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Bumper Repair in Chapel Hill & Durham, NC

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Even though many drivers are responsible when on the road and typically drive in a defensive style, all it takes is a split second to bump into another vehicle by mistake. In the early days, bumpers were simple to replace because that’s all they were; they acted solely as bumper pads that would prevent damage to the vehicle and what it was coming into contact with. Today’s bumpers are more advanced, and it takes a skilled technician to complete a proper bumper repair when you have one of those ‘oops’ moments. Our team of ASE certified service technicians at Brown Brothers Body Works are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to ensure your bumper looks as good as new.

Modern Bumper Repair

As technology advances, more and more bumpers are manufactured to contain various types of equipment or components for various systems within the vehicle. It takes great skill and care to remove the bumper safely and without damaging any other components. Any chrome or aluminum trim pieces are removed and set aside so that they are kept safe, as these often carry a higher replacement cost. Depending on the vehicle, there may be various lighting elements built-in as well, such as fog lights or turn signals that need to be disconnected and removed prior to removing the bumper completely.

Then there are components such as parking sensors, airbag sensors, lane departure sensors, cameras, etc. that need to be disconnected very carefully and kept safe so that they can be reinstalled properly once the bumper repair is complete. If any of these sensors aren’t performing the way that they should, it can negatively affect various aspects of the vehicle’s safety features. Once all of these components are removed, the bumper is taken off and the repair process can begin. After assessing the damage, any cracks or broken parts may be patched with body filler and sanded down to be painted. If the bumper is beyond repair, it would be replaced completely (along with any damaged lights, sensors, etc.) and the repair would move on to the paint stage.

The painting process takes time, as multiple coats are needed to ensure the bumper will match properly with the rest of the vehicle and effectively ‘erase’ the accident altogether. Once painted, technicians will reinstall any components that were removed or replaced and attach the bumper to the vehicle.

Nobody Wants to Drive Around With a Cracked Bumper!

If you have a crack in your bumper or broken pieces missing, you don’t want to wait too long and allow dirt and debris to damage any of the interior components. Our expert team will assess the damage to your bumper and provide the necessary repair to get you back on the road. Call us at (919) 489-6229, use our online scheduling system to book an appointment, or drop by our location at 411 Erwin Road in Durham, NC. We hope to see you soon to attend to all of your bumper repair needs!