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Water Leak Repair in Chapel Hill & Durham, NC

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A vehicle’s collision can cause its body to become unsecured in many ways. Not only can the frame’s stability and alignment be compromised, there can be parts of the vehicle’s body that does not sufficiently keep out water. Water is something that your vehicle encounters very often, whether from the weather or a car wash. But water is not necessarily a friend of your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical parts, especially when it seeps through various parts of the body.

When your car is not water-tight, water will leak into various components. These water leaks can cause extensive damage to your car if left unattended or not corrected. Excess water can gather over time, and combine with oxygen causing parts to rust and corrode. When your vehicle’s parts start to corrode, they are much closer to breaking and falling apart altogether. Your vehicle’s electrical components can also be ruined by a water leak. The repairs to restore the electronics can be very expensive, and often irreparable. Plus, you will still need to repair the water leak. Our expert technicians are very skilled at performing any water leak repairs to your vehicle. As a part of our thorough inspection, you will always know if your vehicle is suffering from water leaks.

Mold Alert

Water can also allow mold and mildew to grow inside your vehicle, which can actually cause problems with your health. Mold that develops in your vehicle will release spores into the air. This is very harmful to your health and can all be caused by a water leak. If you are dealing with allergies, breathing in the airborne spores from the mildew can aggravate them. Let our team secure your vehicle, and prevent water leaks from ever starting. This is a problem that our techs will be able to spot whenever we perform our thorough inspections. This could also be as a result of wear-and-tear, but our technicians are able to make your vehicle water-tight once again. Protect your vehicle, your health, and your passengers with our effective water leak repairs. We’ll make sure all mechanical and electrical parts are secured and free from water damage.

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Does your vehicle have a leak? Don't put off the problem, or the damages will only grow and spread. Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, North Carolina, is ready to help! Call our team at (919) 489-6229 or use our online scheduling portal to make an appointment with our certified technicians. As collision repair experts, they can resolve the issue and prevent any further water damage to your vehicle. We also welcome you to stop by our shop anytime to discuss your service needs with a specialist. Find us at 411 Erwin Road, just off of I-40! We can't wait to see you and eliminate any water leaking problems.