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What Happened?

Regardless of the day or the car, the same questions nearly always arise if you drive long enough. What happened, and what are you going to do about those windshield cracks? The answer to what occurred may have a variety of solutions. Perhaps your vehicle was damaged in a traffic accident, hit by a rock thrown up from the road surface by another auto, or the victim of hail or falling limbs in a thunderstorm. Maybe the damage even resulted from a sudden pressure change, faulty installation, or the use of substandard glass. No matter the cause, the fact is that a damaged windshield needs attention. For motorists in Durham, North Carolina, Brown Brothers Body Works has been the best place for windshield repair since 1970.

What Are the Options?

As you’re contemplating how to best deal with your vehicle’s damage, you may hear there are windshield repair options. Indeed, there are even though you should consider certain limitations. We’re glad to go over the basics of windshield repair with you and help you determine what’s feasible and safe for your auto. Think about the damage in terms of money. No, not how much the repair will cost. Picture the size of money in your head. If a chip is no larger than about the size of a quarter or a crack is no longer than a dollar bill (about six inches), your car may be a good candidate for repair. Also, the specific area of the damage is important. Suppose it’s directly in the forward view from behind the wheel. In that case, you will probably not want to opt to repair the spot as it could become a visual distraction.

Further, it would be best if you didn’t try to fix more than three chips for that exact reason. Finally, you can’t repair smooth divots or pits. The repair material needs an area with which it can bond. The starred area around a chip is ideal, whereas a smooth area is not. The certified technicians at Brown Brothers Body Works can assist you in determining whether we can repair your windshield or whether you will need to replace it..

What Are You Going to Do About It?

Brown Brothers Body Works is here for you, whether you plan to do a repair or go with windshield replacement. The work we perform is for you, our valued customer. We believe in fair pricing, honesty, and integrity. We understand that those qualities are essential to you, particularly if you’re paying out of pocket. If your insurance policy covers your work, we have great news there, too. We work with all insurance companies. We’re always glad to provide an estimate and help you submit your claim. Let us assist you in making your windshield repair a low-stress experience.

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