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Windshield Repair in Chapel Hill & Durham, NC

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Hearing the sharp crack of a stone hitting your windshield is no picnic, but it doesn’t always mean that windshield replacement is inevitable. When you bring your vehicle to Brown Brothers Body Works, our ASE certified technicians will access your windshield to determine whether a simple repair can stop a chip or crack from spreading, or what other options are available. Our goal is to keep your windshield and other glass in tip-top shape because it’s a significant component when it comes to the safety of you and your passengers. When you’re driving around the Triangle, or wherever else the road takes you, we want to make sure that you have the best view to enjoy the ride and the confidence of knowing that your vehicle is adequately secured.

We’re Experts When It Comes to Automotive Glass

Once you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll first assess the chip or crack to determine whether a repair can be successfully applied. Most rock chips are less than a quarter in size, and these can typically be repaired quickly and easily. We might only need about half an hour, depending on our daily schedule. Small cracks can also be repaired, but cracks that are left unattended will spread quickly, and replacement of the windshield may be required. If you have a recent chip or small crack that hasn’t yet spread, it’s important to deal with them quickly to make sure that they don’t spread at all. When we repair a crack in your windshield, it will involve blowing out any dirt, debris, or moisture that has made its way into the damaged area and injecting a clear epoxy resin that will bond the broken glass together in a seamless fashion. It’s important to note that while these repairs appear to solve the esthetic issue, they do not reinforce the original integrity of the glass, and windshields with numerous repaired cracks or chips will eventually require full replacement to provide adequate safety.

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Many auto glass or windshield issues can be resolved quickly at Brown Brothers Body Works, but the important thing to remember is that timing is crucial. Bring your vehicle in before dirt and moisture create further problems, and we’ll offer our expert service to get you back out on the road again in no time. Call us at (919) 489-6229, use our online scheduling system to book an appointment or drop by our location at 411 Erwin Road in Durham, North Carolina. We hope to see you soon to attend to all of your windshield repair needs!