The Toughest Collision Repairs in Durham, NC

We Make Collision Repair Easy! Here’s how:


Visual Inspection
& Estimate

First, we do a Visual Inspection and Preliminary Estimate. Our collision repair process begins before you even leave your car with us. As soon as you make a call to us, you can be sure you are in good hands. We have great relationships with the insurance companies and are happy to work with them on your behalf! We will help write the estimate, handle your claim as needed and work with the insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly! If your vehicle is still drivable after the collision, we can order the parts we will need ahead of time to cut down on the time your car is in the repair shop. When we have everything we need and it’s time for you to drop off your car, we will help arrange for a loaner car if you need one.

Remove Damaged Areas
& Do a Second Inspection

Once your vehicle is in the shop and is ready to be repaired, we will remove the damaged areas and do a second inspection and rule out any other issues that couldn’t be seen initially. If more damage is found, a supplemental report will be completed, along with digital images, and sent to the insurance company. Once approved, any additional parts will be ordered and an updated completion date will be given. We will keep you in the loop the whole time!


Return Vehicle To
Like Factory New

Then, using the finest state of the art equipment, we return the vehicle to like new factory condition quickly and professionally. We remove damaged parts, prime and paint as needed, and reassemble your car to good as new conditions! All work is thoroughly checked and the quality assured. Your vehicle is then cleaned inside and out and taken for a test drive. After your vehicle is inspected one last time, we will notify you that it is ready for pick up and you’ll be back behind the driver’s seat, on your way down many happy roads.


What Our Customers Are Saying:

“They are really honest people. I am a new driver and don't know much about cars. Once when my car seemed to be scrached, other body shop estimated more than 500 dollars. Only Brown Brothers told me it just needed to be cleaned and didn't charge me anything.”

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