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Getting Ready to Paint? — Brown Brothers Body Works

Ready? Whether it’s a daily driver, a prized classic, collision damaged, or just ready for a refresher, Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, North Carolina, has you covered. Since 1970, our professionals have cared for car owners and their beloved autos in the greater Triangle area. We want you to enjoy your experience of repairing

Where Car Leaks Can Come From

WATER LEAKING IN YOUR CAR? Where is it Coming From? Your vehicle is meant to keep you safe, secure, and protected from the elements outside. That includes all water! Our vehicles encounter water on a regular basis, whether it’s at the car wash or from the weather. All this water is supposed to come in

Does Your Windshield Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

DAMAGED WINDSHIELD!–Should You Repair or Replace It? Okay, so your windshield has suffered an impact. Is it minor? Is it major? It may be hard for you to determine. You could just bring your vehicle’s windshield to the experts at Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, NC for the correct answers and a final solution.

Is My Vehicle Totaled?

How to Tell If Your Car is Worth Fixing You have likely heard about cars getting totaled before. A totaled vehicle is one where the cost of repairing it would be higher than the car’s actual cash value. Generally, you will be better off taking the settlement offer from your insurance company. When you need

3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Car Painted

Preparing for Auto Paint Service Considering a new coat of paint for your car? Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, North Carolina can help! Here are a few things we want our customers to know before bringing us their vehicles for paint service. 1. It Takes Time Car painting isn’t as simple as spraying on

Think Your Car is Totaled? We Beg to Differ

When it comes to car accidents, it can be hard to think about potentially replacing your car. Thoughts race into your head about how you can salvage your ‘baby,’ but the concluding thought always seems to stay the same: Get a new car. At Brown Brothers Body Works we understand the frustration and hopelessness you’re