3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Car Painted

3 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your Car Painted

Preparing for Auto Paint Service

Considering a new coat of paint for your car? Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, North Carolina can help! Here are a few things we want our customers to know before bringing us their vehicles for paint service.

1. It Takes Time

Car painting isn’t as simple as spraying on a new coat. Prep work can be very time consuming and involves sanding to remove existing paint layers that may have faded or oxidized irregularly. We want to create a smooth canvas for the new paint job, ensuring it not only looks great but also lasts for several years. Extensive prep work might involve removing the car’s interior — including the dashboard, seats, and console — to prevent them from getting damaged.

Pro Tip:

Remove all of your belongings and clean out your car completely before bringing it into a shop for paint service!

2. It Won’t Fix Everything

Simply painting over blemishes in your vehicle’s body won’t make them go away. It’s important to have realistic expectations for the results of your car’s paint job. If your vehicle has scratches, dents, rust spots, or holes, other measures will need to be taken. Correcting body damage takes more work than glossing over everything with shiny paint. It might sound like a lot of work, but we promise that doing things the right way will help your vehicle’s value!

Pro Tip:

Get your vehicle evaluated by a professional and ask for an estimate that includes proper repairs for all of your vehicle’s damages.

3. Painting Adds Value

Painting your car isn’t just for looks. It’s an investment that benefits your car in so many ways! Not only will you enjoy the brand new finish, but you can also increase your vehicle’s residual or resale value! A car that is otherwise in great condition can be completely refreshed with a new paint job. New paint protects your vehicle from road debris and the weather, preventing degradation and rust. It can serve as a protective layer for your car to withstand conditions for another few years!

Pro Tip:

Painting won’t fix functional problems. It might not be worth investing in paint for an old vehicle that isn’t running its best.

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Written by Brown Brothers Body Works