Getting Ready to Paint? — Brown Brothers Body Works


Whether it’s a daily driver, a prized classic, collision damaged, or just ready for a refresher, Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, North Carolina, has you covered. Since 1970, our professionals have cared for car owners and their beloved autos in the greater Triangle area. We want you to enjoy your experience of repairing or updating your transportation image and make getting a paint job as easy and stress-free as possible. Therefore, come and see us for car painting for any make or model.


Part of making any auto body or painting work less nerve-wracking means understanding what to expect and making adequate preparations. Planning will ensure the results you want while agreeably managing your time and money. Our certified technicians can help you understand the scope of work and process that enables you to achieve this balance. You probably already know that high-quality work takes time. A desirable paint finish doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, it’s a good idea to talk with our staff about the work and a reasonable time frame for completing it. We will need to finish multiple steps as well as allow time for the paint to cure. Also, painting entails more than covering one layer of color with another. Your vehicle’s condition and why it needs painting will determine the level of work necessary. Deep scratches, dents, or other body damage needs addressing before beginning the actual painting process. Otherwise, you will still be able to see the blemishes even with a new coat of color.

Further, some clients are surprised to learn we may need to remove the auto’s interior if the desired result is a thorough professional overhaul. Also, it takes time, especially if additional components such as after-market features are a part of the car. However, excellent mental and physical preparation is worth the effort because the result is a happy customer and a fabulous-looking vehicle. You’ll be proud of what you drive, and you may even help your ride hold onto its value.


Once you’ve decided to paint your car, there’s no better place to go than Brown Brothers Body Works. As described, we can help prepare both you and your vehicle for the painting process. What’s more, you know you’re getting quality work performed by a staff with years of experience in auto bodywork. We work with you individually and with your insurer when needed. We even back our work with a lifetime warranty as long as you own your car. So what do you have to lose–except an ugly paint job?

Call us today (919) 489-6229 at or stop by at 411 Erwin Rd, Durham, NC 27707 to get started!

Written by Brown Brothers Body Works