Does Your Windshield Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

DAMAGED WINDSHIELD!–Should You Repair or Replace It?

Okay, so your windshield has suffered an impact. Is it minor? Is it major? It may be hard for you to determine. You could just bring your vehicle’s windshield to the experts at Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, NC for the correct answers and a final solution. But there’s no need for you to be in the dark about your windshield’s condition. There are a few simple rules about windshield repairs and windshield replacements that you should know immediately. When you inspect the damage to your windshield, consider the Type, the Size, and the Number of cracks to determine if you should repair or replace the windshield.

Types of Windshield Cracks

Of course, not every impact is created the same way, so the effects on the glass will have varied results. Your main concerns are surely going to be safety, cosmetics, and your wallet. You and your fellow passengers’ safety should never be decreased by a crack in the windshield, meaning it should never obstruct your view, distract you, or compromise the structural integrity of the glass. There are as many different types of glass impacts, from a single chip to a long extended crack. Cosmetics is just about appearances, and your wallet is just about the cost of everything.

Size of the Windshield Crack

If it was just a pebble that hit your windshield, you may continue driving for weeks without even noticing the damage. For a small windshield crack like that, you probably won’t be in a rush to repair or replace it. But it still wouldn’t hurt to stop by Brown Brothers Body Works in Durham, NC for expert advice, just in case we notice something disconcerting about the chipped glass. Windshield glass that’s suffered a major impact should get immediate attention. As a general rule, any windshield with a single line crack as long as 14 inches should be replaced, not repaired.

Number of Windshield Cracks

Some drivers just have the worst luck on the road. Their vehicles wear the signs of numerous road collisions like battle scars. The windshield glass is no exception. You may get away with ignoring or avoiding getting a windshield crack repaired for a while, but when your windshield accumulates three or more cracks, it may be hard to pass inspection. Windshield replacement will be mandatory at that point. So, in this case you are past the repairing stage, and you should definitely be thinking about replacing your windshield at Brown Brothers Body Works.

Safety First

Once again, safety should be first when it comes to windshield glass. When the glass has been cracked by an impact, it may not be strong enough to withstand a second impact. It takes a glass repair expert to determine the stability of your windshield glass. Even normal driving across rough terrain and potholes can cause cracks to extend over time, making the windshield more and more susceptible to breakage. Repair any crack that’s only a matter of cosmetics, and replace any glass that’s a question of safety.

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Written by Brown Brothers Body Works