Where Car Leaks Can Come From

WATER LEAKING IN YOUR CAR? Where is it Coming From?

Your vehicle is meant to keep you safe, secure, and protected from the elements outside. That includes all water! Our vehicles encounter water on a regular basis, whether it’s at the car wash or from the weather. All this water is supposed to come in contact with the paint job on the exterior of the car, but somehow the water leaks to the interior, where it can wreak havoc. If you’re confronted with mold and mildew, sour smells, interior rust, soggy carpeting, water stains, and mineral deposits, there’s a leak! It’s time to figure out where it’s coming from.

Aftermarket Accessories

We can usually depend on the manufacturers to build vehicles that are secure and entirely insulated from water exposure to its inner parts. However, the installation of aftermarket parts might leave slight openings where water can leak into the vehicle. If you’ve installed an aftermarket accessory like a sunroof, moonroof, luggage rack, roof rack, or any other aftermarket accessory, they need to have proper sealants to prevent possible leakage. Any holes that have been drilled for an aftermarket installation needs also need to be properly sealed.

Windshield Replacements

Some windshield replacements are not performed with the same precision and attention to detail that Brown Brothers Body Works performs windshield repairs and replacements. If you’ve recently had a windshield replacement, then it should be the prime suspect in finding the source of the water leakage. The professional windshield repair and replacement technicians at Brown Brothers Body Works follow every necessary sealant application and urethane-drying procedure. We ensure that there is no leakage after your window replacement.


If your car has recently been in a collision, this might be the source of a water leak. It doesn’t matter if you had auto body repairs done to fix the collision, or you left the vehicle in the same condition. Depending on the quality of the auto body repairs, your vehicle may have been left just as vulnerable to leakage after the body work, if not worse off. When you notice symptoms of a water leak, you should think about that recent collision, and start where the vehicle was impacted. This is a clear sign that it’s time to visit Brown Brothers Body Works to fix it all.

Weather Strips

The doors, which should be the most obvious suspect for leakage, are not always so obvious. Since the door opens and closes regularly, it may seem like that’s not the problem. However, car doors are built with foam rubber strips that create a sealant between the door and the frame. Over time and various weather conditions, the weather strips may break down or tear. This normal wear and tear may leave your doors susceptible to leakage.

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Written by Brown Brothers Body Works